Welcome and Servus to my website where I share great stories and funny anecdotes of my life in Japan.

My name is ViVi and I am an Austrian (Europe) researcher who packed her bag in summer of 2022 and embarked on a journey of a lifetime to Japan. I have been working in food science for over 5 years and wanted to expand my horizon to the vast variety of amazing foods in Japan. As you can see, this is a match made in heaven! So I moved to the researcher town of Tsukuba in Ibaraki prefecture, which has around 250.000 inhabitants and which is located about 50 minutes to the north-east from Tokyo by express train.

Naturally, Japan has more to offer than just delicious food: Beautiful landscapes, crimson shrines, large and loud cities as well as tranquil towns are just as much a part of Japan as Sushi and Ramen are. And on this website I will share my view and my experiences of Japan.

So come on in, take a seat, have some tea and enjoy!